BIG Feelings Support and Training

Big Feeling Support and Training for our dogs and their Hoomans!
Do you want to walk your dog, but he struggles at the sight of another dog? A person? Bike? etc. Let us help you!
We will begin by developing foundational work that can, with practice, be transferred to outside settings.  We will provide weekly walking sessions for your dog with a focus on enrichment and decompression (during your work day) to help him/her through this process by fulfilling their needs.
With this program you will receive easy to practice exercises, explained in writing and videos for an all in one comprehensive guide at home.  You will also receive pictures and/videos of your dog’s time spent with us on his walk and training session.
Reach out for more information and pricing.
*Requirements: Dog MUST be people friendly – A Consultation Form and meet and greet must be done before our first session To ensure the program is suitable for you and your dog